Sunday, March 21, 2010

Introducing Paj

As a newcomer to 4WDs I thought I might undertake a training course to familiarise myself with my capabilites and my car's capablities.

4WD Training Day near Lyndoch, Adventure 4WD

Introducing Pajero on the "Oh Shit Hill" (this vid of my brother):

You can see why it is called the "Oh Shit Hill" (vid of Pat). The oh shit comes when diagonally opposite wheels have lost traction and gravity pulls the car along:

Again diagonally opposite wheels loose traction, mixture of hard and sandy surfaces, combined with a sharp corner with an embankment on one side and rocks on the other (vid of Daniel in Pajero - second car):

And back up again (again Daniel):

The training by Adventure 4WD was made up of a night theory session, and full day practical which included vehicle recovery. Excellent course, well recommended, trainer always relates all info to each vehicle (make/model/year, auto/manual, fuel type) and through a CB radio installed in each car talks every driver through each situation.

I for one looked at the so-called Kindy Track and thought there was no way in hell I would ever take a car down that ditch (sorry no video), I've seen many steep creek washaways like it hiking through the Flinders. Learning how to tackle it though has certainly given me confidence to get through situations I might encounter in my travels. Although I don't plan to find myself in such difficult situations.

Photos thanks to Pat

Download videos

For my fellow course peoples or those wanting to see a higher quality vid I provide the following links to download each video. Or, download all videos in one zip file (37MB).

Right click and select Save Link As to download, or click on the link to view in-browser (will only play if you have Apple's Quicktime plug-in installed). The .mov Quicktime videos are better quality than the Youtube vids: